5 Lead Generation Techniques

5 Lead Generation Techniques to Grow Your Business Globally

Each day there are millions of companies competing for the attention of your target audience. Regardless
of if your customers are American, European or Asian, they have an array of choices and so you need to
offer them an incentive to do business with you or buy your product.

As a business whose customers are dotted across the globe, you need to use a lead generation technique
which easily encompasses all of them. Sure! It is difficult, but with a little creativity and by learning from
competitors in the space it is possible to pull off this somewhat impossible task.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first step is to understand who your target audience is, where they live and what they want. For
instance, if you’re selling a toothbrush across the globe, you should know which countries will benefit
most from your toothbrush and why. Also, which age group is going to be your biggest customer. That
will help you draft a lead generation method that helps pull in qualified leads.

Know What Pains Them

What do your customers or clients care most about? Most people care about family, their status in life,
their finances, etc. However, depending on the region, you’re targeting the priority changes. So, for
instance, people in Sudan may be more concerned about their finances, i.e. making money as
compared to buying an expensive toothbrush. Though people in America with extensive tooth decay
would be very interested. So, once you know what pains people that will help you incorporate a solution
to their problem which as a means generates leads for you.

Use Terms They Understand

You will always want to use your lead generation machine to communicate with people in a specific
region using terms that they understand. Sure! People in the UK and America speak English, but the
terms they use are difficult. So, your lead generation page, for instance, will need to have American
English for the US page while the UK’s page should be in UK English.

Don’t Sell Them the Service

Well, there is a world of a difference between selling a service and generating leads. Regardless of who
you are targeting, and part of the world they are located. You should give them a reason to signup, log-in
or share their contact information with you. Usually, it will be in exchange for fixing something or
providing something like information of value; we go into that below.

Offer Them Something of Value for Free

Once you know where they live, what they want, and understand the terms they use, you should now
know what they value. Obviously, by offering something that they will find immensely useful or even
partially useful, you’re going to get to know them more, i.e. get their email address, phone number or
even get them to answer a short survey. That way you will never have to sell them anything, and yet they
will be more than happy to be part of your service or your email list or whatever you offer them.