5 Good Reasons to do Business in Argentina

Argentina recently re-entered the global market, and investors are more interested than they ever were before. As an emerging economy, the country has taken steps to reduce many of its economic problems. So, if you’re looking to make the move, here are five reasons why it is a good idea. 

Reason no. 1: The Country Wants International Investors 

Argentina wants more foreign investment as it plays a vital role in improving the country economically. The country recently created the S.A.S and formed flexible international trading relations. That’s in addition to a string of other measures taken to promote the country as a lucrative staging ground for businesses of all types. 

Reason no. 2: Numerous Excellent Investment Sectors 

Argentina has always had a very strong agriculture sector. In the past automotive parts, animal fodder, wine, and meat were highly lucrative until financial instability struck. Today many of these sectors are in need of investment which opens the doors to opportunities by foreign investors and experts who can use their skills to turn profits. 

Reason no. 3: A Young, and Educated Population 

Argentina has a largely young and highly educated population that’s willing to work. With the population of slightly over 45 million and the majority having at least secondary level education, it’s an employer’s market. Not to mention the fact that they have some of the largest numbers of people who speak English and Spanish. So, not only can they be used for skill-specific jobs but also jobs like translation or working as translators for foreign investors. 

Reason no. 4: Argentina is a Member of MERCOSUR 

Argentina is a member of MERCOSUR, and with it comes an array of benefits. For starters, it allows for three countries access to its markets along with many associate countries with limited taxes. It is like the EU. Argentina is going to continue signing trade agreements with many other countries in the region, so things are only going to get easier for businesses. 

Reason no. 5: A High Standard of Living 

When it comes to the quality of life, it is hard to beat Argentina with its excellent education and health services. That’s in addition to a rich and diverse history of European culture something which continues to be evident to this day. The fact is that even today, the number of people who choose to do business and live in Argentina increases because it has so much to offer. Not to mention the fact that those who move in from places like Europe and North America find it comparatively lax in terms of taxation and the way business is conducted. So, there is a lot of room to breath and for your family to enjoy. 

Argentina is one of the largest growing economies in America. However, to take the most advantage of doing business in Argentina, you need to understand the language and culture. If you intend on doing business in Argentina, make sure that your staff, including yourself, are well versed in the local Spanish dialect as is your marketing material.