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Focus On: The Importance of Online Buying

The internet is now “controlling” us: this is a fact. Our style of life has changed dramatically since the Covid19 pandemic began. The general public is somehow and inexorably geared towards interconnected ways to consume more than ever. Let’s study how this new trend emerged and how, as a company, you should drive your online […]
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Tradition of Valentine’s Day Across Countries

Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14 worldwide regardless of its origin. Many shops and stores in cities have beautiful Valentine decorations on the shop windows. These include Cupido illustrations, hearts and balloons in pink and red color and heart-shaped candies to match with the celebration day.  Sweets, flowers, perfumes, chocolates and other gifts are exchanged […]
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Discovering: Do Everything Better

Feed your mind to become a stronger and successful person in this difficult pandemic situation. There are quotes saying “Hard times make you stronger” so get this opportunity to work your mind and soul. Success starts by a first mindful step that will lead you to a shining path. Be aware of yourself and your […]
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Discovering: New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Day, also simply called New Year is observed on January 1st on the modern Gregorian calendar. It is a public holiday in most countries. The celebration begins with New Year’s Eve, which includes majestic fireworks at the midnight of the new year around the world. This year the weekend coincides with New Year’s […]
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Discovering: Merry Christmas Around the World

HOHOHOHO.. We are here once again to celebrate a lovely joyable Christmas at the end of December, in such a particularly strange year. At Christmas time, all Christians over the world celebrate a feast and meditate with prayers in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This year, Christians could pray to bring health and […]
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Discovering: The Feeling of Christmas

When the windy autumn gives away to a new season covered by a white and cold snow Christmas starts. Christmas is one of the most important Christian and cultural holidays of the year around the world. The first record of Christmas, a formal celebration, was in Rome on December 25, AD 336, during the reign […]
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Globalization in 2020: What’s Changed?

Civilizational progress in the modern world is often represented by the urbanization of societies and Globalization of individual nations. Globalization brings what was once individualized bordered, nationalized regions together into an intertwined network, often with a synergistic relationship. However, 2020 changed the general assumed meaning of Globalization. The COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire in some […]
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Why Languages Skills Are Good for Your Career

In many parts of the world but particularly in the West, we find ourselves living in an increasingly multicultural society. In London alone there are over a dozen languages spoken by native speakers from across Europe, Asia and Africa. While English is a universally spoken language often taught in schools across the world, for many, […]
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