6 Reasons Why you Must Have a Blog for your Business

Almost every business should have a blog, and there are no exceptions to it. However, we acknowledge that for some businesses, it might be much more imperative to have a blog than others. For instance, a business that has branch offices in six states, with clients in seven countries will most certainly want to have a blog with the latest announcements, news and other information.

If you are a business owner and are on the fence about having a blog, here are 6 reasons to consider having one, starting today!

No. 1: Keep Your Buyers, Suppliers and Partners Updated

Your company’s website can’t carry the latest news and information about the company. If you want to keep your clients, suppliers and partners updated with the latest news like product launches, opening hours, new telephone number, revised pricing etc., then a blog is where you can do it.

No. 2: Excellent for Building Traffic

Whether you sell online or not, having a growing number of people visiting your website is important, and a blog can help you do just that. More traffic equals more opportunities; it’s just that simple.

No. 3: Improve Your Website’s Internal Linking

Building a bunch of relevant internal links is something that can only be done via a blog. You have a lot of control as to what is linked to, which allows you to optimize the content on the blog better. So, people can find the information they want faster, have a better experience and possibly link back to that information.

No. 4: Allows You To Get Feedback From Customers

A reputed and solid business always gives customers the opportunity to leave feedback. A blog is the perfect way to create that two-way communication/conversation with your customers. It will help you generate leads and build credibility.

No. 5: Help You Address Negative Press

Now for every business, there comes a time when they need to address negative press or even fake news. The biggest mistake any business can make is not to address these issues head-on via their blog. A blog offers the best way to address issues, provide factual information and proof to rebuttal any false claims.

No. 6: Communicate in Every Language

Your blog does not necessarily have to be in English. That means if you are an American company, but your products are sold in Spain, Italy, and the UK, you should have a dedicated blog for each region. Furthermore, that dedicated blog should have blog posts natively written for those countries. For instance, you must have a blog in Italian dedicated to your Italian buyers, the same goes for Spain. Doing this may require you have a team of native speakers, but when done right, it is an excellent way to brand and market your business.