Discovering: Do Everything Better

Feed your mind to become a stronger and successful person in this difficult pandemic situation. There are quotes saying “Hard times make you stronger” so get this opportunity to work your mind and soul. Success starts by a first mindful step that will lead you to a shining path. Be aware of yourself and your life and you will become a brighter person.

To help you, I have created a list of good habits, which will motivate you and inspire you to be a better healthy person. So let’s have a look at these good habits that will change your life:

-Create a personal schedule: follow a study of yourself to really get to know: who you are, how you work, and most importantly, when you work productively. Make a schedule that allows you to organize your day, creating a flexible routine without following the rules of the society game.  Try to wake up, to have breakfast, to meditate, to work, to have tea, to eat pieces of fruits, to exercise, etc at the same time everyday..

-Positive thoughts: start your day with positive sentences such as “An amazing morning is rising for me”, get a deep breath, smile thinking you are eating your favourite flavour of ice cream and stretch your body before preparing breakfast.

-Express gratitude for nice things that happen to you: be thankful and feel happy for what you have or for what you have achieved.

-Eat organic food: start going to organic supermarkets or at least try to not buy plastic cakes that have many chemicals on them. Eat more fruits, vegetables that are positive for your organism and your type of blood. There are studies that say depending on what blood you have you can have different diets. I could talk about it in another blog. In case you order food, go to the healthy section of the food menu. Drink a green cap of tea and a glass of red wine everyday to cope with elderly diseases.

-Exercise routine: stretch your body in the morning, walk for 30 minutes in a green area if that is possible. You can walk your dog or go with a family member or friend, in case you are alone you can listen to music that motivates you to move and continue walking along. You can follow an online sports teacher on YouTube to exercise your muscles and make a schedule for exercising as you would like.

-Respect the environment: citizens need to be conscious that we need to recycle and maintain public places cleaner. If you have a garden, place plants as strawberries plants, tomatoes, roses and you will feel proud of your green productivity. Creating a green garden will help you to respect the environment and to be in connection with it.

-Practice good hygiene: have at least a daily shower and a weekly bath with an aromatic bubbles soap, candles relaxing music that will allow you to transport your mind. In Pandemic Times we have learned that washing hands several times per day is very important for preventing contagious diseases.

-Grow your business network: introduce yourself to someone new each day. Social networking websites as Linkedln have a lot of business people so keep an eye out for potentially important connections.

-Be punctual: be on time to send messages, to pay invoices, to attend a business meeting on Zoom or a medical appointment.

-Be a warm person: ask for a cuddle or for a hug from a family member, call a friend to have a funny conversation and to laugh in order to release endorphins, get 10 minutes of sun in a sunny day.

-Hobbies: entertain yourself at least 30 minutes per day with a hobby such as painting, solving puzzles, or whatever hobby can be yours.

All these pieces of advice are some examples to add to your 2021 lifestyle. The life you want to live depends on you, the owner of your life is you. Design a healthy life so that you will live longer and younger. Imagine living a life where you are the boss, always smiling, don’t allow negative news to interfere with your mind, keep positive and radiant as the rainbow on a raining day.

Start right now and very good luck in your new you!