Why Languages Skills Are Good for Your Career

In many parts of the world but particularly in the West, we find ourselves living in an increasingly multicultural society. In London alone there are over a dozen languages spoken by native speakers from across Europe, Asia and Africa. While English is a universally spoken language often taught in schools across the world, for many, it is a second or third language which means you must have some basic knowledge of their native language.

Learning a new language can help your career in many ways. Not only does it make it easier to communicate across varying cultural boundaries, but it also ensures that you’re an asset for the company. In this article, we’ll examine three reasons why having language skills will bolster your career.

Reason no. 1: You Don’t Need to Rely on Interpreters

Not needing an interpreter which ensures that your employer saves money, and since all employers want to save money, that fact alone makes you an asset to the business. The other reason why you’d want to refrain from using an interpreter even if one is available is that they can misinterpret a conversation. It isn’t uncommon for interpreters to get things wrong. For example, with English emotions are easily picked up through a change in tone, though in Japanese those emotions rely on body language. So, without knowing these facts, translating a few lines or thought becomes difficult.

When you are your own interpreter, it makes it easier to communicate and get your point across as a result. Plus, it helps you build trust since you are speaking a language that’s native to the person across the table.

Reason no. 2: Language Skills Open Up Better Career Opportunities

Knowing a second and third language makes it easier to get certain jobs, but it can also take you into a career you never even thought existed. Businesses are always on the lookout for people who can speak multiple languages. Having good language skills makes you an indispensable employee who can be sent to different parts of the world to close deals and negotiate others. All of which can lead to you being given roles, you never thought even existed.

Many business owners and managers have stated they if they were to choose between two candidates, and all things were equal, they would choose one with good language skills. So, right there, your career is getting a leg up over the competition.

Reason no. 3: Helps You Build Better Relationships

Think about who makes big money in their careers? Usually, it is those who are involved in building a relationship. Successful sales and marketing people make the most money because they need to go out; build relationships and networks for their employers.

Knowing a second language makes it easier to get out there and network with people. Not only do you become better as a salesperson, but having an understanding of other cultures helps you tap into communities which others can’t. That right, there means being able to grow and become more successful.

That said, all in all the point is that mastering languages in a corporate environment is key. But make no mistake, if proper and available resources lack in the organization, DIY is the worst. Get expert mother-tongue translators to do the job right when needed.