Why Lead Generation Now Matters More than Ever?

It is no mystery that countrywide COVID-19 lockdowns have hurt businesses of all sizes and types. While many businesses have unfortunately gone bust, others are barely surviving. However, survival for many businesses now depends on their ability to generate leads, and most of all, effectively close the leads they get.

In this article, we’ll look at why it is important for even local businesses to look at generating leads internationally. If anything, now might be the best time to go global!

Effective Online Lead Generation

The first step to generating leads is to make sure that your website or landing page on the website is a lead magnet. You’d want to make sure that it’s well written, offers something of value to visitors if they take the desired action, i.e. give you their name and phone number or buy your product online.
You’d also want to spice up your business’s Facebook page and turn it into a lead magnet too. Make sure that the page shares important information, communicates with existing clients and effectively receives positive reviews. Doing all of this will set you up for successful lead generation.

Going Global with Your Lead Generation

As a business, you need to ask yourself: “who else can benefit from my product or services?” then look beyond your national borders. Many companies, for instance, ones that offer building design, graphics design, business consultancy, etc., in addition to ones that sell, or manufacture products will find that there is a great demand for their business outside of the country.

Going global will require that you speak the language of the region you are targeting. That’s where hiring a team of native speakers who are well-versed in drafting sales copy comes in. Native Spanish speakers, for instance, have the distinct advantage of not only understanding the language but the buyer psychology of Spain or South America, for example. So, the resulting sales copy is a lot more effective at generating leads.

Localize Your Website for Each Region

You will also want to have a localized version of your website, in that region’s language. For instance, if you’re targeting Italy, Spain, and Portugal, you should have a native version for each country. Doing this makes your business appear more trustworthy and local.

Furthermore, you can solidify your brand by running advertising in those regions in the native language. Doing this will help you attract leads to your website, which you can then convert.

Call Center and Customer Service

Having an outbound call centre for sales and lead generation will help your business contact more people. However, you can attract more people by targeting different countries and having native speakers at the contact centre. As it turns out, people trust a company representative they can hear over the phone. Furthermore, there is substantial research to suggest that when paired with online adverting, it helps build brand awareness. So, it is well worth the effort as it helps expand the business beyond its current confines.