Social Media in this Day and Age – a Must?

One of the biggest challenges for businesses to operate amid the COVID-19 crisis is to change the way they do business. Traditional forms of regular marketing like pamphlets, banners, and special in-house deals are no longer as effective. Social Media was always one of the best things that ever happened to businesses, but many companies never capitalized on the advantage served by these platforms seriously up until now.

Social Media outreach, communication and promotion is cheap, easy to do and can be highly targeted. Furthermore, various techniques can be implemented by businesses to target a wider, perhaps more international audience, one of which is native language adverting.

Social Media Gives Your Faceless Business a Face

The challenge for any business is to have a face. The larger a company becomes, the more challenging it gets to have a face and a tone that people can relate to.

Now with the COVID-19 crisis, people are trusting businesses that have a face. Businesses that communicate like they do in their everyday lives. Social media helps companies to deliver their messages in a way that their target audience understands which has a major impact on conversions, sales, leads etc.

The ability for a business to communicate one-on-one with clients, sometimes several hundred at the same time is something that only social media can deliver. Furthermore, it also helps firms see in real-time how people perceive their message.

Getting Real-Time Feedback from Customers/Clients

COVID-19 has caused widespread lockdowns which have meant that businesses can’t rely on traditional mediums of feedback, like in person. What’s left is the ability for businesses to illicit input via social media. That often requires having a team of people that are active on social media on behalf of the company.

The social media team is the voice and face of the company. That means they reply to messages, make posts, and share important information. Now because they are the first layer of contact with clients/customers, they are also tasked with categorizing the majority of feedback as positive or negative, which then gives the company something work on.

If the feedback is negative, it allows the company to see why they are perceived negatively and work on fixing those holes. If it is overwhelmingly positive, they know what they are doing right, and that formula can then be replicated across subsidiaries, partner businesses and in other regions of the world.

Multi-Lingual Communication is Now More Important Than Ever Before

Social media requires that your business speaks multiple languages. It is now more important to have native speakers of the language of your target audience. For instance, if your business is targeting native Spanish speaking people in Houston, it is just as important that your social media team be able to put up posts and reply to comments in Spanish. So, today it is more important to have a multi-lingual team than it was ever before. Furthermore, having a multi-lingual team is easier than ever before with a myriad of individuals now working from their native countries and even their homes.