5 Successful Telesales Strategies Selling Abroad

Many businesses wrongfully assume that the age of telesales is dead when on the contrary it is thriving more than ever. While telesales agents targeting the US, Australia, and the UK have in many ways saturated the market to the extent where most people don’t respond as well as they once used to there is a lot of untapped potential in countries like China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc.

If your business isn’t using telesales to ramp up sales figures in emerging markets, then you’re losing out big time. If you’ve decided to take this route, we have a couple of tips which should ensure your success.

Get a Local UAN or Phone Number

If you are going to call people in China, you don’t want the number to appear obscure because most people will not even take your call. Plus, it goes without saying that having a local number or UAN means that potential clients or customers can call you back. So, you always want a UAN or local phone number in the country you’re targeting.

Hire Native Speakers

By native, we don’t mean English speakers who have also learned Chinese as a second language. We mean people whose first language is Chinese and English may perhaps be their second language. Native speakers have more knowledge not just of the language but of the culture. Everything from the initial greeting to introduction even the final sale all boils down to knowing the culture of a country.

Have Both Men and Women

Telesales believe it or not relies heavily on gender. Men will usually be more interested in speaking with women, but most women will be comfortable speaking with women too. However, there are many cultures like in the Middle East where men are more comfortable talking with men. So, depending on which part of the world you’re targeting it is crucial to do your search in this regard.

Your People Should be Decision Makers

When an agent is on the phone, they are expected to make many quick and instant decisions. Which means should they offer a discount to get a sale? Maybe throw in something for free etc. If it is a discount how much of a discount can they offer? It is essential to give your telesales people leeway, the more decision making power they have the better they will perform on the whole.

Have a Separate Sales and Support Line

It is one of the most common things for a company to have a separate line for sales and support. However, the mistake many businesses make is routing the calls through the same number with an extension. So, many support calls or vice versa can be sent to the wrong department as a consequence. That’s why having a totally separate support number is ideal as it shows that your company is dedicated to proving good support and it isn’t there as an afterthought. Good support is great for your brand’s image, and that is directly proportional to more sales.