YW Terms

Yazyk Workflow® and yazykworkflow.com (“The Platform”) are the property of Yazyk Ltd. Yazyk Ltd is a London based company (86-90 Paul Street London, EC2N 4NE, United Kingdom), registered in England and Wales (No 09510061 – VAT No GB 228 8389 64). The company’s owner and Managing Director is Mr Edouard CN BALDE. Yazyk Ltd has secondary offices at 209 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris and at 244 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY 10001.


The Platform runs under HTTPS with a valid certificate guaranteeing secure communications in The Platform’s chat room.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed upon request between The Platform’s users and Yazyk Ltd.


Yazyk Workflow® or The Platform is a online SaaS platform with non-binding service. The customer first gets full access to The Plaform for 3 days when first signing in on http://www.yazykworkflow.com. On day 4, the customer receives an non-binding offer or quote which he/she can accept or refuse. Price is currently €10 per user per month (equivalent in USD, GBP, CHF, CAD and other currencies). If the customer validates the quote, he/she gets full access to The Platform as long as he/she pays for the service (on a monthly basis). Prices are adjusted by Yazyk Ltd and can vary at any time.

Payment process

Customers are to pay Yazyk Ltd upon every confirmed order by bank transfer or via Electronic Money (2% charge applies above €500 or US$500). Payment terms are 100% upon ordering or within 30 days upon invoicing in case of a specific arrangement between Yazyk Ltd and the customer. Late payments will automatically suspend the service.

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