Translation Services Trends in 2020

The COVID-19 world of mass lockdowns of major cities and entire countries across the globe has meant that like many other businesses, those in the translation service industry have had to adapt. If anything, the pandemic has changed the course of the industry in more ways than one. In this article, we’ll look at translation industry trends throughout 2020, and its reverberating effects post the pandemic.

More Working from Home

One of the hallmarks of the translation industry was rooms packed with translators. Some of the biggest businesses in the translation industry would have dozens of translators, under one roof. It is said that over two dozen languages would be spoken, written and translated within those walls. However, the lockdowns have meant that offices like these can no longer operate, so translators are now working from home online.

Working from home and using video conferencing software like Zoom, has allowed many in the translation industry to continue working. Many have adapted to the point where businesses believe that working from home is cheaper, easier, and more efficient. If anything, it is an indicator that businesses may probably never go back to working as they did, i.e. in a physical office.

Online Meetings

Translators now prefer to meet their clients online. Many translation industry bosses are connecting with clients online to discuss their needs, offer suggestions etc. As it turns out online meetings so as long as internet connections are stable, and users on both ends use a good microphone is an excellent, cheaper alternative. It is possible to have back to back meetings without needing to commute from one end of the city to the next.

Online meetings may, according to many experts, soon become the norm. The old way of face to face meetings at least in the translation industry may go the way of the dodo bird.

Demand for Online Translation Will Increase

As the translation industry’s workforce is now working online, there is also a growing demand for online translation services. Many translation services have already started selling their services online. Ads across social media and search engines are all meant to grab the attention of now an increasing number of people seeking online translation services.

As the demand to go global online for many businesses has increased, with it will be the need for translation services. So, despite COVID-19, the translation industry is and will continue to boom through 2020 and beyond.

Increased Use of Cloud-Based Tools

Apart from Zoom, Microsoft Office and a couple of other commonly used tools by translators, we will see an increased use of other tools. Many will turn to cloud-based translation tools because it makes creating and distributing translated documents easier. The more translators end up working from home, the higher will be the demand for these tools.

Advertisement Translations

Translation services through 2020 and beyond will also be translating a lot of ads for clients eager to reach foreign markets. At present, there is already a growing trend of translators working on advertisements both online and otherwise for clients.